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It all starts with a thought in my mind. Film making is more than just pointing a camera, it's more than just framing a shot.


I'm responsible for everything the audience will ever see, every part of the frame, every touch of light, every camera movement I make, every cut I take. It has to be intentional!  The shot must stand out but still fit into the film. The art of filmmaking is ever-changing and as a Filmmaker I am always hustling toward the forefront of visual innovation. 


A good Filmmaker is more than a camera operator. I'm a problem-solver, an inventor, an artist , a professional and a storyteller. I have worked on narrative films, music videos, promos commercials and events. I have filmed within a production team and by myself. 


Film making and content creation is more than what I do. It's who I am. I'm proud to say that I just  graduated from Flinders University with a Masters in Screen and Media Productions. I have 4 years of experience in media industries working for brands and service providers, making promotional video, marketing resources like photos and graphics designs. 


I’m always looking for an opportunity where I can expand my knowledge and skills. Thank you very much for your time I'm Aaphanta Baral or you can simply call me AB


Selected clients

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